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Call for papers for upcoming Special Issues

Advanced Technologies and Applications of Optical Wireless Communication- click here to download more information

Potential topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Advanced technologies in OWC, for example, modulation, coding, anti-interference, multiplexing, multiple access, MIMO, infra-red, ultra-violet and visible light communications (VLC)
  • Heterogeneous network architechture, protocol, relay and handover based on OWC
  • Resource management, resource allocation, scheduling and load balancing in OWC
  • Device-to-device communications in optical wireless communication
  • Energy efficiency and spectral efficiency calculation and analysis in OWC based networkd
  • OWC applications, for example, indoor positioning and smart homes

Previously published Special Issues


Advances in Enabling Technologies for Green Communications and Networking

Vol. 12, Issue 5

Special Section: Satellite Communications and Antennas

Vol. 12, Issue 1


Green Computing and Telecommunications Systems

Vol. 10, Issue 18

Evolution and Development of 5G Wireless Communication Systems

Vol. 10, Issue 15


Advances in Device-to-Device Communications and Networks

Vol. 9, Issue 3


Special Section: Secure Physical Layer Communications

Vol. 8, Issue 8


Cooperative Wireless and Mobile Communications

Vol. 7, Issue 17


Energy Aware Wireless Network Protocols

Vol. 6, Issue 14

Special Section: Ultra-wideband System Desing, Signals and Coding

Vol. 6, Issue 10

Cognitive Communications

Vol. 6, Issue 8

Special Section: Photonic and Free Space Optics Networks

Vol. 6, Issue 5

Special Section: Evolution of Air-Link Technologies for Futuristic Wireless Communications

Vol. 6, Issue 3

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