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IET Communications

Volume 12, Issue 12, 31 July 2018

Volume 12, Issue 12

31 July 2018

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    • Joint DOD and DOA estimation for bistatic multiple-input multiple-output radar target discrimination based on improved unitary ESPRIT method
      M-LionWhale: multi-objective optimisation model for secure routing in mobile ad-hoc network
      Mode division multiple access: a new scheme based on orbital angular momentum in millimetre wave communications for fifth generation
      Performance analysis of wireless ad-hoc network based on bidirectional full-duplex and saturated state
      Retrial queues with starting failure and service interruption
      2D curtailed harmonic memory polynomial for reduced complexity in concurrent dual-band modelling and digital predistortion with the second band at harmonic frequency
      Gain enhancement of a dual-band WLAN microstrip antenna loaded with diagonal pattern metamaterials
      Simple and accurate SEP approximation of hexagonal-QAM in AWGN channel and its application in parametric , , fading, and log-normal shadowing
      Analysis of capacity in vehicular device-to-device relay networks with multi-user case
      Non-linear companding based hybrid PAPR reduction approach for DCT-SCFDMA system
      Lightweight one-time password authentication scheme based on radio-frequency fingerprinting
      Cyclic gradient descent optimisation for joint MAP estimation of channel and phase noise in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
      Concatenated physical layer encryption scheme based on rateless codes
      Jamming game for secure orthogonal frequency division multiplexing access systems
      Adaptive multichannel MAC protocol based on SD-TDMA mechanism for the vehicular ad hoc network

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