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IET Communications

Volume 11, Issue 6, 20 April 2017

Volume 11, Issue 6

20 April 2017

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    • Biorthogonal frequency division multiple access
      Adaptive SU/MU-MIMO scheduling schemes for LTE-A downlink transmission
      Maximising the minimum achievable secrecy rate of two-way relay networks using the null space beamforming method
      Semidefinite further relaxation on likelihood ascent search detection algorithm for high-order modulation in massive MIMO system
      SRT analysis of relay selection in the presence of multiple co-channel interferers
      Two-dimensional sorting algorithm for high-throughput K-best MIMO detection
      Design and prototyping of low-power wide area networks for critical infrastructure monitoring
      Wavelet-based cognitive SCMA system for mmWave 5G communication networks
      Efficient and reliable slice allocation for multi-services in DVB-T2 networks
      Non-orthogonal multiple access schemes with partial relay selection
      Performance of decremental antenna selection algorithms for spatial multiplexing MIMO systems with linear receiver over correlated fading channels
      Weighted k-nearest neighbour model for indoor VLC positioning
      Efficient frequency-domain channel equalisation methods for OFDM/OQAM-PON with intensity modulation and direct detection
      Long-term integration based on two-stage differential acquisition for weak direct sequence spread spectrum signal
      Femtocell-enhanced multi-target spectrum allocation strategy in LTE-A HetNets
      Power line communication transfer function computation in real network configurations for performance analysis applications
      Performance analysis of spatially modulated differential chaos shift keying modulation
      Modulation classification in multipath fading channels using sixth-order cumulants and stacked convolutional auto-encoders
      Bit error rate analysis of generalised frequency division multiplexing with weighted-type fractional Fourier transform precoding
      Performance analysis of reliability in wireless body area networks
      Non-linear transceiver design for secure communications with artificial noise-assisted MIMO relay
      Closed-form approximation of the capacity in multi-sector cells: application to LTE tri-sector antenna
      Traffic-aware resource allocation schemes for HetNet based on CDSA
      Augmented Hammerstein model for six-port-based wireless receiver calibration
      Complementary peak reducing signals for TDCS PAPR reduction

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