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IET Communications

Volume 11, Issue 11, 03 August 2017

Volume 11, Issue 11

03 August 2017

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    • Quasi-orthogonal space–frequency and space–time–frequency block codes with modified performance and simplified decoder
      Coalition-based sleep mode and power allocation for energy efficiency in dense small cell networks
      Energy-aware resource allocation for OFDMA wireless networks with hybrid energy supplies
      Jointly optimal rate control and total transmission power for cooperative cognitive radio system
      Transmitter diversity scheme for OFCDMA systems based on space-time spreading with iterative detection receiver
      Spectrum sensing in cognitive femtocell network based on near-field source localisation using genetic algorithm
      Restricted isometry constant improvement based on a singular value decomposition-weighted measurement matrix for compressed sensing
      Compressive sensing-based coprime array direction-of-arrival estimation
      Classification model for imbalanced traffic data based on secondary feature extraction
      Sparse inverse fast Fourier transform-based channel estimation for millimetre-wave vector orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems
      Interference-aware multi-hop path selection for device-to-device communications in a cellular interference environment
      Cascaded classifier for improving traffic classification accuracy
      Cooperative spectrum sharing protocol using spatial modulation
      Performance analysis for non-orthogonal multiple access in energy harvesting relaying networks
      Iterative MMSE-based soft MIMO detection with parallel interference cancellation
      Empirical cross-correlation modelling of multiple-input–multiple-output channel considering outdoor building density
      Joint channel estimation and detection using Markov chain Monte Carlo method over sparse underwater acoustic channels
      Robust predictive filtering schemes for sub-band CQI feedback compression in 3GPP LTE systems
      Build-in wiretap channel I with feedback and LDPC codes by soft decision decoding
      Efficient Bloom filter for network protocols using AES instruction set

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