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Call for papers for upcoming Special Issues

Bio-inspired Hardware and Evolvable Systems click here to download more information

specific topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Intrinsic/extrinsic/mixtrinsic evolution
  • On-chip bio-inspired approaches and bio-inspired models in hardware
  • Autonomous, self-reconfigurable, learning and adaptive systems
  • Novel evolvable hardware architectures
  • Bio-inspired computing, neuromorphic hardware, robotic systems
  • Novel devices and computational materials
  • Self-repairing, fault-tolerant systems
  • Intrinsic fault-tolerance and resilience
  • Bio-inspired electronic circuit synthesis and design optimization
  • Genetic representations and genetic models of computing and hardware
  • Multi-objective optimization for hardware design
  • Bio-inspired approximate computing for energy efficiency, performance and reliability
  • Graceful degradation
Reconfigurable Computing click here to download more information

specific topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Compilation, Programming Languages, and Domain-Specific Languages
  • Tools, Frameworks, Design-flows for Developing HPRC Systems
  • Virtual Machines, Middleware, and Operating Systems
  • Reconfigurable Architectures
  • Communication Infrastructures
  • Applications, including Big Data Applications
  • Runtime Adaptability
  • Resilience and Reliability
  • Performance Comparisons with other High-Performance Computing (HPC) Systems
  • Reconfigurable Applications and Algorithms
  • Teaching HPRC

Previously published Special Issues


Current and Future Trends in Computer Engineering and Digital Techniques

Vol. 10, Issue 6

Selected papers from 19th International Symposium on VLSI Design and Test (VDAT)

Vol. 10, Issue 5


Designing with Uncertainty - Opportunities & Challenges

Vol. 9, Issue 4

Energy Efficient Computing with Adaptive and Heterogeneous Architectures

Vol. 9, Issue 1


Hardware Security

Vol. 8, Issue 6


Emerging On-Chip Networks and Architectures

Vol. 7, Issue 6

Selected papers from 6th International Workshop on Interconnection Network Architecture: On-Chip, Multi-Chip (INA-OCMC) 2012

Vol. 7, Issue 2


High-Performance Computing System Architectures: Design and Performance

Vol. 6, Issue 5

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