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Call for papers for upcoming Special Issues

Power Converters for High Voltage DC Systems - click here to download more information

Topics which are expected to be covered in this special issue include but are not limited to:

  • New topologies of power converters for HVDC systems, e.g., improved LCC topologies, new VSC topologies, fault tolerant modular multilevel converter topologies, optimized DC/DC topologies and hybrid LCC-VSC systems;
  • Modelling and analysis methods for power converters in a high voltage environment, e.g., small-signal modeling, large-signal modelling and nonlinear modelling;
  • Enhanced control methods of HVDC converters, including modulation techniques, capacitor voltage balancing methods, power loss reduction methods, etc.;
  • Transient analysis of HVDC converters during AC side faults, DC side faults and converter internal faults;
  • Protection of HVDC converters, e.g., DC fault ride-through methods, coordination with DC circuit breakers, and suppression of internal overvoltage and overcurrent methods.

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