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Electronics Letters is an internationally renowned peer-reviewed rapid-communication journal that publishes short original research papers every two weeks. Its broad and interdisciplinary scope covers the latest developments in all electronic engineering related fields including communication, biomedical, optical and device technologies. Electronics Letters also provides further insight into some of the latest developments through special features and interviews.


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Quantum Networks

Optical fibre networks provide the backbone of today's global internet and increasing their efficiency is vital. The power budget of a passive optical network (PON) can be increased to support a higher number of customers and have longer reach without introducing active elements. Read more...

Inducting into the Future

Technology constantly moves forward to become faster and more efficient. In the field of half-bridges the introduction of wide band-gap semi-conductor devices, such as SiC and GaN FETs enables this. These are high performance devices, which have high-voltage, large-current and high speed characteristics. Read more...

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