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Electronics Letters is an internationally renowned peer-reviewed rapid-communication journal that publishes short original research papers every two weeks. Its broad and interdisciplinary scope covers the latest developments in all electronic engineering related fields including communication, biomedical, optical and device technologies. Electronics Letters also provides further insight into some of the latest developments through special features and interviews.


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Highlights from the issue

Interview with Mirhamed Mirmozafari

Mirhamed Mirmozafari from the University of Oklahoma, USA, talks to Electronics Letters about his paper ‘A Highly Isolated Crossed Dipole Antenna with Matched Copolar Beams’. Read more...

ferroelectric beam-steering antenna

A miniaturised antenna array on a ferroelectric substrate with extraordinary beam-steering capabilities at low applied voltages has been developed by researchers in Romania and Ireland… Read more...

measuring flying drones

Researchers at the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology in Korea, are developing a way to use W-band Doppler radar to extract geometrical features of drones in flight as an aid to identifying them… Read more...

Recent Highlights

Interview with Saeid Karamzadeh

Dr Saeid Karamzadeh at Istanbul Aydin University, Turkey, talks to Electronics Letters about the work behind his Letter ‘Millimeter-Wave High-Gain Circularly polarised SIW End-Fire Bow-tie Antenna by utilising Semi Planar Helix Unit Cell’. Read more...

drone detection

Researchers at Tsinghua University, China, present a new method for detecting multiple drones in close proximity by converting time-frequency diagrams from radar analysis into cadence frequency spectra, thereby leading to efficient, low-cost feature extraction and drone identification… Read more...

a first for single-section QDML lasers on Si

The first single-section quantum dot mode-locked laser directly grown on a CMOS-compatible silicon substrate has been produced by researchers in the US. Their achievement could open the door to much lower complexity, cheaper laser sources for future large-scale silicon photonic integrated circuits… Read more...

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