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Electronics Letters

Volume 54, Issue 9, 03 May 2018

Volume 54, Issue 9

03 May 2018

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    • Current-mode ultrasound beamformer with multiple-input–sequential-output memory structure
    • Piezoelectric-driven self-assembling micro air vehicle with bionic reciprocating wings
    • Thumb positioning analysis of new elliptical-shaped microwave sensors for non-invasive glucose monitoring
    • Low-cost single event double-upset tolerant latch design
      Precharge free dynamic content addressable memory
    • Local tone mapping algorithm and hardware implementation
      Efficient image encryption method based on improved Lorenz chaotic system
      Fingerprint liveness map construction using convolutional neural network
    • Capacitor-reused CMOS temperature sensor with duty-cycle-modulated output and 0.38°C () inaccuracy
      Strain sensing characteristics of 3D-printed conductive plastics
    • Low-power pulse width modulation (PWM) for high-frequency DC–DC converters
      AC insulation monitoring technology for EAST fast control power supply
      Parallel soft switching converter with fewer switch counts
    • Data-oriented calibration method to reduce measurement bias in SFAP-based GNSS receivers
      Entropy-score-based feature selection for moment-based SAR image classification
      MRF-based terrain map inference using variational feature projection

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