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Electronics Letters

Volume 54, Issue 6, 22 March 2018

Volume 54, Issue 6

22 March 2018

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    • Ultra-thin smart electronic skin based on hybrid system-in-foil concept combining three flexible electronics technologies
    • Application of kernel PCA for foetal ECG estimation
    • Linearly frequency-tunable and low-phase noise ring VCO using varactors with optimally-spaced bias voltages
      Low-power-delay-product radix-4 8*8 Booth multiplier in CMOS
      Open-loop per-pin skew compensation with lock fault detector for parallel NAND flash memory interface
      High output power 243 GHz voltage controlled oscillator in a 130 nm SiGe BiCMOS process
      Investigation of bias polarity dependence of set operation in GeCu2Te3 phase change memory
    • Bilateral filter acceleration based on weighted variable projection
      Two-stream neural networks to detect manipulation of JPEG compressed images
    • Electrostatically driven long-microbeams for low-frequency applications

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