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Electronics Letters

Volume 54, Issue 13, 28 June 2018

Volume 54, Issue 13

28 June 2018

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    • Aperture efficiency improvement of folded reflectarray using rectangle and split-ring combined element
      Improvement of ground radiation antenna performance using compact EBG in presence of battery effects
      Reduced aperture low sidelobe patch array
    • Active contours driven by harmonic mean based KL divergence fitting energies for image segmentation
      Eye centre localisation with hybrid regression framework
      Joint transfer component analysis and metric learning for person re-identification
      Spectral clustering ensemble model based on distance decision
    • Simple dual-mode balanced bandpass filter with high selectivity and extended common-mode noise suppression
      Broadband and compact rectangular waveguide twist by using rigid waveguide
      Compact UWB bandpass filter with sharp roll-off using APCL structure
    • Formation and focusing of converging sheet electron beam based on field emission
      Non-coherent detection of digitally phase-modulated signals with carbon nanotube cantilever vibration
    • FBG laser sensor with PS
    • 10 A/567 V normally off p-GaN gate HEMT with high-threshold voltage and low-gate leakage current

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