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Electronics Letters

Volume 54, Issue 12, 14 June 2018

Volume 54, Issue 12

14 June 2018

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    • New SV selection strategy and local–global regularisation method for improving online SVM learning
    • Efficient segmentation method using quantised and non-linear CeNN for breast tumour classification
      Controllable and re-usable patch for transdermal iontophoresis drug delivery
    • 40 Gbps 4-level pulse amplitude modulation closed-loop decision-feedback equaliser with high-speed comparator in 55 nm CMOS technology
      Robust high-multiplication factor MDLL using IIR filter-based accumulated jitter reduction
      Design of optimised logic interface for network-on-chip architectures
      High-efficiency, 6.6–29 V pulse driver using charge redistribution
    • Manned self-balanced vehicle control system based on pressure sensors for steering
      Model-free optimal tracking control for discrete-time system with delays using reinforcement Q-learning
    • Fast concrete crack detection method via L2 sparse representation
      Blind image quality assessment utilising local mean eigenvalues
      Enhanced multidimensional field embedding method by potential fields for hyperspectral image classification and visualisation
      Geodesic-based probability propagation for efficient optical flow
      Horizon detection in maritime images using scene parsing network
      Synthesising KV-DRRs from MV-DRs with fractal hourglass convolutional network
    • Voltage slope-based zero voltage switching detection method for wireless power transfer systems
      Lead-acid storage battery recovery system using on–off constant current charge and short–large discharge pulses
      Multi-objective self-synchronised virtual synchronous generator in unbalanced power grid
    • High-frequency InAlN/GaN HFET with f max over 400 GHz

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