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Electronics Letters

Volume 53, Issue 19, 14 September 2017

Volume 53, Issue 19

14 September 2017

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    • Blind curvelet watermarking method for high-quality images
      Real-time object entity detection system for smart surveillance application
    • Robust GNC approach for quantised compressed sensing
    • 96 GHz 4.7 mW low-power frequency tripler with 0.5 V supply voltage
      21.3 dBm 18.5 GHz-BW 8-way E-band power amplifier in 28 nm high performance mobile CMOS
      Compact power divider for wideband in-phase and out-of-phase performances using parallel coupled lines
      Design of a filtering power divider with microstrip-to-slotline transition structures
      Dielectric characterisation of small samples using broadband coaxial cavity
      Substrate integrated-based Fermi-Dirac multibeam antenna for mmWave applications
      Wideband balun bandpass filter with broadside-coupled microstrip/slotline resonator structure
    • All-optical reconfigurable multicast canonical logic units based on four-wave mixing
      Breakdown and optical response of CMOS perimeter gated single-photon avalanche diodes
      VCSEL-based optical links in burst-mode slow optical power ramp-up and how to achieve ultra-short wake-up times
    • Mathematical analysis of GaN high electron mobility transistor false turn-on phenomenon
    • Iterative frequency-domain inter-carrier interference cancellation for coded SEFDM
      Sensing period adaptation for multiobjective optimisation in cognitive radio using Jaya algorithm

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