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Electronics Letters

Volume 53, Issue 15, 20 July 2017

Volume 53, Issue 15

20 July 2017

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    • Compact and single-feed circularly polarised microstrip antenna with wide beamwidth and axial-ratio beamwidth
      AR bandwidth and gain enhancements of patch antenna using single dielectric superstrate
      Bi-directional SIW leaky-wave antenna using TE20 mode for frequency beam scanning
      Compact differential-fed dipole antenna with wide bandwidth, stable gain and low cross-polarisation
      Inductive loaded compact monopole antenna for ultra-wideband applications
    • Development of an impedance spectroscopy device for on-line cell growth monitoring
      Estimating fluorescence lifetimes using extended Kalman filter
      Real-time 3D ultrasound denoising based on adaptive regularisation Savitzky–Golay filter
    • Rotor position estimating scheme for doubly salient EM machine sensorless startup
    • Deep-learning-based license plate detection method using vehicle region extraction
      Enhanced decision fusion of semantically segmented images via local majority saliency map
      Fast visualisation of massive data based on viewpoint motion model
      Multimodal object description network for dense captioning
      Optimising ensemble combination based on maximisation of diversity
      Pixel-wise varifocal camera model for handling multilayer refractions
      Violent activity detection with transfer learning method
    • Quintuple-mode wideband filter based on a single metal cavity
      Compact low-pass filter with ultra-wide stopband using analysed triangular-shaped resonator
      Design of high-performance microstrip diplexers with stub-loaded parallel-coupled lines
      Flexible and stretchable 3D printed passive UHF RFID tag
      Miniaturised Wilkinson power divider with wide-stopband using synthetic transmission line
      Temperature-dependent characteristics of InP-RTD-based microwave amplifier IC
    • Fast scan-to-scan integration algorithm for small target in sea clutter
      Design of a 2.5-kW L-band solid-state pulsed power amplifier for radar applications

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