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Electronics Letters

Volume 51, Issue 25, 10 December 2015

Volume 51, Issue 25

10 December 2015

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    • Vital sign normalisation for improving performance of multi-parameter patient monitors
    • HD2 reduction technique for single-ended amplifier
      Improved adaptive routing for networks-on-chip
      Calibrating sample and hold stages with pruned Volterra kernels
      Histogram-based calibration of capacitor mismatch in SAR ADCs
      Pseudo-random Gaussian distribution through optimised LFSR permutations
    • Method for sky region segmentation
      Cascaded split-level colour Haar-like features for object detection
      Discriminative local difference patterns for robust face recognition
      HEVC fast reference picture selection
    • GaN nanocolumn arrays with diameter <30 nm prepared by two-step selective area growth
      Nanoscale CMOS battery cells for gate level on-chip security designs
    • Fast identification of partial discharge sources using blind source separation and kurtosis
      Harmonic reference currents balancing method for delta-connected static synchronous compensator
      Internal electric field in pregnant-woman model for wireless power transfer systems in electric vehicles

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