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Electronics Letters

Volume 51, Issue 24, 19 November 2015

Volume 51, Issue 24

19 November 2015

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    • Acoustical physical constants around room temperature for Ca3TaGa1.5Al1.5Si2O14 single crystal
    • Bidirectional optical transcutaneous telemetric link for brain machine interface
      Reduction of detuning effects using robust parameter design for implantable antennas
    • Energy-efficient successive-approximation-register based capacitive interface for pressure sensors
      Dark current reduction in InAs/InAsSb superlattice mid-wave infrared detectors through restoration etch
    • Approach for home appliance recognition using vector projection length and Stockwell transform
      DCM operation analysis of KY converter
      Enhanced efficiency for wireless power transmission using an auxiliary loop on ferrite in metallic environment

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