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Electronics Letters

Volume 51, Issue 14, 09 July 2015

Volume 51, Issue 14

09 July 2015

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    • 14-bit 20 μW column-level two-step ADC for 640 × 512 IRFPA
      One-dimensional adiabatic circuits with inherent charge recycling
      Concurrent 10.5/25 GHz CMOS power amplifier with harmonics and inter-modulation products suppression
      Near-zero dead zone phase frequency detector with wide input frequency difference
      Resolution-enhanced sturdy MASH delta–sigma modulator for wideband low-voltage applications
      Very low thermal drift precision virtual voltage reference
    • Support vector data description using privileged information
      Efficient LLR estimation for multistage decoding
    • SIW magic-T with bandpass response
      Substrate integrated waveguide highpass filter with high selectivity
      Ultra-compact lumped element cross-over
      Compact ultra-wide stopband low pass filter using multimode resonators
      Compact wide-stopband diplexer using dual mode resonators
      Efficient UWB filter design technique for integrated passive device implementation
      Full-band transition from substrate integrated waveguide to rectangular waveguide
      Low insertion loss microplasma-based limiter integrated into a microstrip bandpass filter

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