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Electronics Letters

Volume 5, Issue 11, 29 May 1969

Volume 5, Issue 11

29 May 1969

Some aspects of Gunn oscillations in thin dielectric-loaded samples
Loop coupling to a periodic dipole array
High-efficiency continuous oscillations in silicon IMPATT diodes below the transit-time frequency
Small-signal impedance of space-charge-limited semiconductor diodes
Self-pumped parametric amplification with GaAs transferred-electron devices
C.W. anomalous-mode operation in silicon planar IMPATT diodes
Realisability of uniform aperture distributions
Considerations in the design of a model propagation path to study obstacle diffraction
Absolute-stability test for discrete systems
Numerical analysis of forward and reverse bias potential distribution in a 2-dimensional p-n junction with applications to capacitance calculations
First-order nonlinear systems governed by generalised Riccati partial-differential equation
Impedance-measuring method
Modification to the receive-path waveguide feeder of Goonhilly aerial
Oscillating circuit using nonlinear inductance
Calculation of the complex permittivity of lossy dielectric materials using the Roberts-von Hippel standing-wave method
Reduced-voltage operation of a surface-elastic-wave amplifier
Technique for measurement of HCN-laser linewidth
Bistable electrical-switching behaviour in glasses and other media
Transformerless r.p. immittance synthesis from real-part specification
Space-charge wave instability in a semiconductor exhibiting field-dependent diffusion coefficient and saturated drift velocity
Correlation of slow rates of rise of current with times to pinch in transient mercury-vapour plasma
TE and TM modes in transmission lines with circular outer conductor and eccentric circular inner conductor
Comment: Leaky waves on a dielectric rod

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