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Electronics Letters

Volume 27, Issue 23, 7 November 1991

Volume 27, Issue 23

7 November 1991

Coherent operation of 2-D monolithically integrated master oscillator power amplifier
Multigigabit per second subcarrier multiplexed optical fibre ring network
New EPL RLL(5,16) code
Switching speed of integrated acoustically-tunable optical filter
Low sidelobe arrays of parallel dipoles with finite reflector
Noncontact AE measurement system using acoustic microscope
New message based priority buffer insertion ring protocol
Extension of method of lines to unbounded regions by using co-ordinate transformation
Novel frequency-selective twist polariser
Design of multivariable variable structure system for nonlinear time-varying systems using nonlinear switching surfaces
Selective photochemical dry etching of GaAs/AlGaAs and InGaAs/InAlAs heterostructures
Experimental comparison of base recombination currents in abrupt and graded AlGaAs/GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistors
35 GHz integrated circuit rectifying antenna with 33% efficiency
Widely tunable narrow linewidth erbium doped fibre ring laser
Explicit finite difference vectorial beam propagation method
Ka-band monolithic amplifier using 0.5 μm gate length ion-implanted GaAs/AlGaAs heterojunction FET technology
Push-pull current circuit for biasing CMOS amplifiers with rail-to-rail input common-mode range
High quantum efficiency, long wavelength InP/InGaAs microcavity photodiode
Simulation of CDMA system performance with feedback power control
Planar broadband image rejection mixer
Specialised attack on Chor-Rivest public key cryptosystem
Design and fabrication of silica-based integrated-optic 1×128 power splitter
Impact of local oscillator intensity noise on performance of coherent subcarrier multiplexing system using common local oscillator (CLO)
Delineation of junctions using Secco and periodic etches
New reflective type star couplers for full duplex channels
Novel structure MQW electroabsorption modulator/DFB-laser integrated device fabricated by selective area MOCVD growth
Using quadratic residue arithmetic for computing skew cyclic convolutions
Complementary vertical bipolar transistor process using high-energy ion implantation
Er3+-doped multicomponent glass core fibre amplifier pumped at 1.48 μm
Correlation model for shadow fading in mobile radio systems
Four-quadrant multiplier combining sigma-delta and multirate processing techniques
Singlemode diode-pumped tunable erbium-doped fibre laser with linewidth less than 5.5 kHz
Fast tracking RLS algorithm using novel variable forgetting factor with unity zone
Improving design feedback equaliser performance using neural networks
High sensitivity fibre preamplifier receiver for multichannel applications
Automatic optical-loss compensation with Er-doped fibre amplifier
Efficient design of shaped reflectors using successive projections
Noise model for double barrier resonant tunnel diodes
IGBT convertor with active snubber for soft switching
High-speed and low-driving-voltage InGaAs/InAlAs multiquantum well optical modulators
Explicit expression for Brewster angles of isotropic–bi-isotropic interface
Performance of Manhattan street network (MSN) architecture under zonal traffic distribution (ZTD) patterns
Silver-film ion-exchanged singlemode waveguides in Er doped phosphate glass
Rain attenuation statistics on 30 GHz terrestrial link
Selfconfiguring optical fibre-tap/photodetector modulator with very high photodetection efficiency and high extinction ratio
Current conveyor based EMG amplifier with shutdown control
Highly integrated ATM/SONET user-network interface
Reduction of spatial hole burning by single phase modulator in linear Nd3+ fibre laser
Optical QPSK transmission system with novel digital receiver concept
High performance 10Gbit/s optical transmission system using erbium-doped fibre preamplifier
Crystalline pMOS inverter using amorphous thin film transistor as active load
New performance function and variable step size LMS algorithm derived by Karni and Zeng
1.5 Gbit/s transmission system using all optical wavelength convertor based on tunable two-electrode DFB laser
Dielectric-loaded elliptical waveguide
AuBe ohmic contacts to p-InGaAlAs formed by rapid thermal annealing
High-efficiency Ku-band HBT amplifier with 1 W CW output power
Novel photonic device using nonlinear corner-bend structure
Tunnel diode with asymmetric spacer layers for use as microwave detector
Differential measurement technique for optical fibre sensors
Measurement method of pn junction depth using light spectrum response
Erratum: Evaluation of chromatic dispersion in erbium doped fibre amplifiers
Erratum: Measurement of pump induced refractive index change in an erbium doped fibre amplifier

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