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Electronics Letters

Volume 25, Issue 12, 8 June 1989

Volume 25, Issue 12

8 June 1989

Optical FSK transmission with pattern-independent 119 photoelectrons/bit receiver sensitivity and endless polarisation control
Dependence of photoluminescence peak energy of MOVPE-grown AlGaInP on substrate orientation
All current-mode frequency selective circuits
Remarkable reduction of threshold current density of 670 nm GaInAsP/AlGaAs visible lasers by increasing al content of AlGaAs cladding layers
Constant-input stability of some known digital biquads
On arrival of paths in fading multipath indoor radio channels
10 MHz CMOS OTA-C voltage-controlled quadrature oscillator
Compression and dispersionless transmission of chirped 1.3 μm DFB ps laser pulses in dispersion-shifted single-mode fibres
Low-threshold 1.5μm DFB laser grown by GSMBE
AlGaAs/GaAs multiquantum-well (MQW) surface-emitting laser
Effective optical transit time in direct electro-optic sampling of GaAs coplanar integrated circuits
Blocking method for RSA cryptosystem without expanding cipher length
Interferometric measurement of low-frequency phase noise characteristics of diode laser-pumped Nd:YAG ring laser
Fundamental limit on number of channels in subcarrier-multiplexed lightwave CATV system
Cryogenic temperature performance of modulation-doped field-effect transistors
Tree array lasers
Index mapping for one to multi dimensions
10 Gbit/s monolithic integrated bipolar demultiplexer for optical-fibre transmission systems fabricated in BICMOS technology
Selectively silicided vertical power DMOSFETs for high-frequency power conversion
Minimum norm reconstruction of band-limited function from regularly or irregularly spaced samples
New scheme for vector quantisation of speech signals
Spectral domain analysis of coplanar superconducting line laid on multilayered GaAs substrate
Gain ripple minimisation and higher-order modes in semiconductor optical amplifiers
Synthesis of uncorrelated and nonsquare sets of multilevel complementary sequences
Phase tracking Viterbi demodulator
Coding moving image sequences by segmentation of difference frames and motion-adaptive frame interpolation
New approach to fuzzy learning in dynamic systems
Intermodal coupler using permanently photoinduced grating in two-mode optical fibre
Cyclic three-phase amplitude jitter in mode-locked semiconductor lasers
Permittivity of dielectric-conductor mixture: application of logarithmic law of mixing to electric susceptibility
Reduction of emitter thickness in AlGaAs/GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistor
Novel square-law demodulator for use in coherent ASK/FSK heterodyne optical receivers
EEPROM synapses exhibiting pseudo-Hebbian plasticity

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