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Electronics Letters

Volume 24, Issue 4, 18 February 1988

Volume 24, Issue 4

18 February 1988

Interferometric optical fibre sensors using internal mirrors
Optimisation of signal/clutter ratio using polarisation diversity
Optimum design of FIR switched-capacitor decimators using low-gain amplifiers
Linewidth of monolithic external cavity DFB lasers
Analysis of Hg1−xCdxSe alloys in electroreflectance
150 Mbit/s phase diversity ASK homodyne receiver with a linewidth/bit rate ratio of 0.5
Adaptive image restoration of sigma filter using local statistics and human visual characteristics
Spike-free biphase switched-capacitor integrator pair with low sensitivity to nonideal op-amp effects
Correlation between anomalous latch-up I/V characteristics and observation of current distribution by IR microscopy in CMOS ICs
High-resolution ultrasound transverse flow measurement
Correction to effective index method for rectangular dielectric waveguides
Effects of Nakagami fading on antijam performance requirements
Efficient calculation of interconnection delays on GaAs-based VHSIC
Wideband guided-wave periodic multi/demultiplexer with a ring cavity for optical FDM transmission systems
Online fruit weighing using a 500 MHz waveguide cavity
7× electrical pulse compression an inhomogeneous nonlinear transmission line
Least-squares determination of the inversion of Laplace transforms via Taylor series
All-optical active switch using a multiple quantum well nonlinear etalon as a laser diode mirror
1.5 μm InP/GaInAsP linear laser array with twelve individually addressable elements
Low-dispersion fluoride glass single-mode fibres operating in two spectral ranges
Electro-optical modulators using novel buried waveguides in GaInAsP/InP material
Novel approach to discrete interpolation using the subsequence FHT
New realisations of first-order two-dimensional all-pass and all-pole digital filters
High mobility two-dimensional electron gas in InP/Ga0.47In0.53As heterojunctions grown by low-pressure organometallic vapour phase epitaxy
Microwave pnp AlGaAs/GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistor
Tm-pass polariser using metal-clad waveguide with high index buffer layer
15.6 GHz HBT microstrip oscillator
Dielectric waveguide channel dropping filter using 3 dB couplers and bandstop gratings
Another public-key distribution system based on matrix rings
Performance of optical receivers incorporating multiemission superlattice avalanche photodiodes
Electron beam sampling of IC-internal GHz signals
1.5 μm λ/4-shifted DFB LD filter and 100 Mbit/s two-channel wavelength signal switching
Gate coupling and floating-body effects in thin-film SOI MOSFETs
780 nm AlGaAs DFB lasers fabricated by MOCVD
Analysis of planar bulk acoustic wave devices
Super low noise HEMT using focused ion beam lithography
Theory of tapering single-mode optical fibres by controlled core diffusion
Tapers in single-mode optical fibre by controlled core diffusion
Erratum: Bit error ratio of CPFSK coherent optical receivers

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