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Electronics Letters

Volume 22, Issue 7, 27 March 1986

Volume 22, Issue 7

27 March 1986

Design of a 250 Mbit/s biphase modulator
Stability of rain-rate cumulative distributions
Fast computation of discrete cosine transform through fast Hartley transform
Low-noise 460 GHz waveguide Schottky mixer radiometer for radioastronomy
Packaged 7 mW, 1.2 GHz dynamic 60/61 GaAs prescaler
Comment: Fictitious potential for 3-D magnetic flux plots
Attenuation coefficient of a piezoelectric resonator operating in a thickness mode
Dispersion in shielded coupled coplanar waveguides
Large-hole diffusion length and lifetime in InGaAs/InP double-heterostructure photodiodes
Input impedance of a circular microstrip disc antenna using mode matching
Polarisation characteristics of graded-core stress-applied polarisation-maintaining fibres
OTA-based integrable voltage/current-controlled ideal C-multiplier
Intrinsic optical bistability and multistability in a passive GaAlAs waveguide
Ray theory design of hyperbolic secant horn
New radar clutter suppression schemes using modified multisegment MEM
Polarisation-independent optical circulator consisting of two fibre-optic polarising beam splitters and two YIG spherical lenses
Grating lobes caused by parallel-plate polariser
Improvement in dielectric measurement technique of open-ended coaxial line resonator method
Antenna pattern synthesis using a relaxation method: application to printed antennas
Characteristics of single and coupled rectangular resonators in suspended substrate stripline
Fully differential stray-insensitive bilinear-z switched-capacitor highpass filter
Dual-frequency disc antenna studied by cavity method
Use of singular value decomposition in system identification
Position-speed-acceleration controller design
Ground level current density and ionised flux lines of DC wire-to-plane corona
Parameter space quantisation in fixed-point digital filters
Robust 1-D equivalent of phase-correlation image registration algorithm
Frequency-locking of external cavity semiconductor lasers using an optical comb generator
Numerical calculation method of ultrasound pulse echoes
Monolithic integrated photoreceiver implemented with GaAs/GaAlAs heterojunction bipolar phototransistor and transistors
Interaction of electromagnetic and electrochemical effects in geophysical probing
Costas loop analysis for coherent optical receivers
Optical correlation measurement of switching transients in high-speed semiconductor lasers
Monte Carlo particle simulation of the hole-electron plasma formed in a p-n junction
Complex permittivity measurement of optoelectronic substrates

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