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Electronics Letters

Volume 22, Issue 2, 16 January 1986

Volume 22, Issue 2

16 January 1986

Electro-optic sampling of fast electrical signals using an InGaAsP injection laser
High-isolation single-mode wavelength-division multiplexer/demultiplexer
New method for complex permittivity measurement of dielectric materials
High-intensity fibre-coupled diode laser array
Asymptotic formula for elliptic function modulus
Above 10 GHz frequency dividers with GaAs advanced saint and air-bridge technology
Switch reduction in small telephone systems
Model of HF interference for application to data transmission
Silica-coated dual-tube zirconia induction furnace for high-strength optical-fibre production
Two-dimensional electron gas at interface of a selectively doped InGaP/GaAs heterostructure
New nonlinear phase transduction method for DC measurand interferometric fibre sensors
Compensation of SAW filters by experimental perturbation of IDTS
Endlessly rotatable fractional-wave devices for single-mode-fibre optics
High-efficiency broad-area single-quantum-well lasers with narrow single-lobed far-field patterns prepared by molecular beam epitaxy
Submarine optical cables: a phenomenon of resonance in suspended lengths
New gradient decision feedback equaliser algorithm
Q-switched operation of a neodymium-doped monomode fibre laser
Improved systolic array for linear discriminant function classifier
Low-current 1.3 μm edge-emitting LED for single-mode-fibre subscriber loop applications
Simple narrow-linewidth 1.5 μm InGaAsP DFB external-cavity laser
Piecewise linear resistive networks with unique solutions
Comment: Intrinsic lineshape and FM response of modulated semiconductor lasers
Reply: Intrinsic lineshape and FM response of modulated semiconductor lasers
Modification of the zhang and haykin radar clutter suppression schemes
Reliable digital switching networks
Improved techniques for the measurement of radiated emissions inside a screened room
Spectral-domain calculation of characteristic impedance of shielded microstrip line
SC modified lossless discrete differentiators and resulting SC highpass ladder filters
Radial gradient refractive-index glass rods prepared by a sol–gel method
Method of overcoming finite-range limitation of certain state of polarisation control devices in automatic polarisation control schemes
Scheme for achieving continuously variable delay in digital test equipment
Fibre-optic scanning differential interference contrast optical microscope
Tapered-beam expander for single-mode optical-fibre gap devices
Drawing condition dependence of radiation-induced loss in optical fibres
Observation of chirp in a 1.5 μm DFB-LD using a streak camera
Reply: New approach for determining non-Gaussian mode fields of single-mode fibres from measurements in far field
Low insertion-and high return-loss optical connectors with spherically convex-polished end
Scattering coefficients of antireflection layers for semiconductor amplifiers
Aperture distribution phase from single radiation pattern measurement via Gerchberg-Saxton algorithm
Effects of dopants on disordering of AlGaAs-GaAs superlattice by zinc diffusion

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