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Electronics Letters

Volume 19, Issue 7, 31 March 1983

Volume 19, Issue 7

31 March 1983

Principles of a three-dimensional molecular electronic memory
Acousto-optic measurements of effective refractive indices of guided modes in planar waveguides
New measurement method for polarisation dispersion in single-mode fibres employing frequency-modulated optical signal
Novel technique for measurement of wavelength of zero relative delay between modes of a dual-mode optical fibre
Dispersion characteristics and energy configurations of a microstrip line with tuning septums laid on a lossy material
Shielded dielectric resonators
Linear system reduction by continued-fraction expansion about s = 0 and s = a alternately
Single-polarisation operation of highly birefringent bow-tie optical fibres
Mode analysis of optical fibres using computer-generated matched filters
Palladium-silicondioxide-silicon structures as hydrogen sensors in electrolytes
Floating ideal FDNR using current conveyors
Performance of Karhunen–Loève and discrete cosine transforms for data having widely varying values of intersample correlation coefficient
New dielectric waveguide structure for millimetre-wave optical control
Improved acousto-optic modulators for CO2 heterodyne laser systems
Finite-element analysis of edge resonance in a semi-infinite elastic plate
Stabilisation of single and multimode fibre-optical microbend sensors
Frequency-domain identification of transmission-zero locations of linear multivariable plants
Behaviour of a generalised covariance model in picture coding
Optical fibres with an Al2O3-doped silicate core composition
Optical bistability and nonlinear resonance in a resonant-type semiconductor laser amplifier
Switched-Capacitor building blocks for analogue signal processing
Intelligent memory subsystem supporting memory virtualisation
Fast digital convolution using p-adic transforms
Simple digitally controlled amplifier
Minimum bandwidth signals with some specified waveform parameters
New temperature fluctuation method for direct determination of thermal activation energy of deep levels in semiconductors
Erratum: Numerical algorithm for pole-sensitivity study of LC ladder networks
Erratum: Fusion splicing between optical circuits and optical fibres
Erratum: Theory of FM noise of single-mode injection lasers

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