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Electronics Letters

Volume 17, Issue 5, 5 March 1981

Volume 17, Issue 5

5 March 1981

Polarisation preservation in multimode fibres
Fast response InP/InGaAsP heterojunction phototransistors
Low noise single-ended mixer for 230 GHz
Generalised analysis of microwave networks including lumped elements
Even mode analysis of symmetric coupled microstrip
Effects of γ-irradiation on MID-IR transmitting glass
GaAs microwave power FET with polyimide overlay interconnection
Stabilising single mode fibre couplers by using GEL glass
Chromium contamination in VPE InP from photoconductivity spectra
Melting layer attenuation at 28.6 GHz from simultaneous comstar beacon and polarisation diversity radar data
Single mode fibres with asymmetrical refractive index pits on both sides of core
Backscattering measurement of bending-induced birefringence in single mode fibres
Voltage amplification in switched-capacitor networks
Microprocessor-based real time system for eye motion analysis
Realisable 100% raised cosine filters
Microstrip circular-segment antenna
Backscattering signatures from graded-index fibres with diameter variations
10 Gbit/s AND gate using dual-gate GaAs MESFET
Analytical approach to prediction of dispersion properties of step-index single mode optical fibres
Solution of Lyapunov equation for the state matrix
Integrated CMOS SC filter with 170 kHz cutoff frequency
Anomalous nonlinearity in quartz crystal filters
New switched capacitor ladder filter with reduced number of amplifiers
Lens design for surface wave applications
Erratum: Novel active-compensated weighted summer
Erratum: Numerically stable algorithm for standard controllability form determination

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