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Electronics Letters

Volume 15, Issue 10, 10 May 1979

Volume 15, Issue 10

10 May 1979

Relationship of differential reflectivity to correlation in dual-polarisation radar
New semiconductor active device: the conductivity-controlled transistor
Dual-mode transmission technique for chinese ideographs in a teletext system
Dispersion in graded single-mode fibres
Variance noise and temperature fluctuations in semiconductors
Multilevel code for high information rates
Spectral loss characteristics of GeO2-P2O5-doped silica graded-index fibres in long-wavelength band
Stigmatically focusing grating coupler
Quadratic phase error loss in circular apertures
High-power pulsed GaAs double-drift hybrid-read impatt diodes for X-band
Dispersion-free single-mode fibre transmission experiments up to 1.6 Gbit/s
Two-dimensional inverse filter using floating-gate tapped c.c.d.s
Confined guided modes in W-fibre with square core
Increase of inverse beta of Si transistors due to low-temperature treatments
Integrated bistable optical device using mach-zehnder interferometric optical waveguide
High-bit-rate pulse regeneration and modulation of injection lasers with a planar Gunn device
Polar-loop transmitter
Filters for data transmission with minimum intersymbol interference
Ultraspherical tapers
Resolution of spreading-resistance measurements on shallow layers
Characteristic function for quasielliptic filters
Liquid-crystal light deflector
Measurement of refractive-index profile of optical-fibre preform
1/f phase noise in quartz s.a.w. devices
Birefringence in optical fibres with elliptical cross-section
Analogue optical transmission of 26 t.v. channels
Dynamic amplifier for m.o.s. technology

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