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Electronics Letters

Volume 10, Issue 23, 14 November 1974

Volume 10, Issue 23

14 November 1974

Hard-vacuum pyroelectric vidicon: suitable materials
Measurement of attenuation and change of refractive index due to water vapour in the atmosphere at 890 GHz
Two dual families of nonlinear binary codes
Reduction of radio-frequency interference of phase-controlled systems by load partitioning
Improvement of continuous-gradient identification techniques by Lyapunov's second method
Reactor-period measurements at low powers
Interresonator coupling for overtone monolithic quartz filters
Alternatives in multiwire cables for digital transmission
V-shaped notched-channel field-effect transistor
High-speed m sequence generation
X ray scanning pinhole microscope
Diversity measurements of attenuation at 37 GHz with solar-tracking radiometers
Model of intense convective rain cells for estimating attenuation on terrestrial millimetric radio links
Two-dimensional particle models in semiconductor-device analysis
Application of the Boolean-difference technique to sequential logic
Gunn-oscillator electronic tuning range and reactance compensation: an experimental result at X band
Interdigital acoustic-surface-wave transducer with low interactions
Vertical m.o.s. transistor geometry for power amplification at gigahertz frequencies
Phase-distortion compensator for high-density digital magnetic-tape recording
Beam mode compositions on passage through a Fabry-Perot interferometer
Singular perturbation methods in the design of observers and stabilising feedback controllers for multivariable linear systems
Basic T matrix patterns for 2-port linear transformation networks in the real domain
Semiconductor switching device using improved unijunction transistors
Pulse compression using the magnetic-delay-line processor
Utilisation de diodes Schottky comme détecteurs et mélangeurs à 30 THz (Using a Schottky diode in detecting and mixing at 30 THz)
New edge-guided mode isolator using ferromagnetic-resonance absorption
Negabinary complex-number multiplier
Numerical test of stability of large sparse matrices and dynamical systems

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