Some tropospheric scatter propagation measurements and tests of aerial siting conditions at 858 Mc/s

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A tropospheric scatter link has been in operation, for three months over a 98-mile path and for eight months over a 200-mile path at a frequency of 858 Mc/s. Received signals are shown to agree well with predictions of mean levels, whilst seasonal and diurnal variations are slightly less than was anticipated. Height/gain and space diversity tests are described, and a comparison is made of signals received at four sites of very different aspects within the same locality. The fast fading is in terms of fading range and fading rate, and an attempt is made to relate this information, together with the slower changes, to meteorological observations. A programme of synchronous beam rotation has been carried out, and tests of received polarization show the polarization to be well preserved in propagation. The disturbing effect of local flying is investigated and discussed.


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