Rayleigh backscattering and extinction ratio study of optically injection-locked 1.55 µm VCSELs

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The performance dependence of optically injection-locked 1.55 µm VCSELs by downstream signals in a bidirectional optical link on the degree of Rayleigh backscattered signal and modulation depth of the master DFB laser is studied. Such a study is important for operation in bidirectional WDM-PONs. Error-free upstream performance is achieved when the upstream signal to Rayleigh backscattering ratio is greater than 13.4 dB, and with minimal dependence on the downstream extinction ratio. The frequency response of the OIL-VCSEL explains for the first time the suppression of the modulated downstream signal at the VCSEL input, enabling stable injection locking comparable to that of CW master injection.


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