Telecommunications Quality of Service Management

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Publication Year: 2003

In today's increasingly competitive communications environment, Quality of Service (QoS) is of paramount importance in the battle to win market share. However, the enhanced expectations of customers and the introduction of many new services and technologies makes comprehending and meeting customer requirements a real challenge. Building on the issues covered in Quality of Service in Telecommunications (1997), this book examines the technical, service and human issues that need to be addressed in order to provide a level of QoS that will meet those requirements. One key objective is to increase the reader's understanding of the importance of QoS and to show how the concepts presented can be applied to the reader's own circumstances. This book provides a comprehensive overview of definitions and standards, frameworks and models, network performance, internet, mobile and satellite services, the impact on customers, external drivers, economics, fraud and security and future trends. The authors, established experts in their fields, have wide-ranging experience in both UK and US telecommunications companies, reflecting the global nature of this industry and the universal concept of QoS.

Inspec keywords: Internet; ergonomics; telecommunication security; customer relationship management; telecommunication network management; quality of service; satellite communication; economics; mobile communication

Other keywords: customer relationship management; Internet service; customer perception; telecommunication security; billing; legacy network; ergonomic consideration; service surround; telecommunication management; quality of service economics; network performance engineering; numbering; telecommunications fraud; mobile communication system; network evolution; architectural framework; satellite communication; service provider

Subjects: Computer communications; Other computer networks; Mobile radio systems; Network management; Satellite communication systems

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