Angle-of-Arrival Estimation Using Radar Interferometry: Methods and Applications

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image of Angle-of-Arrival Estimation Using Radar Interferometry: Methods and Applications
Author(s): E. Jeff Holder 1
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Publication Year: 2013

Radar interferometers provide a cost-effective radar architecture to achieve enhanced angle accuracy for enhanced target tracking. Presenting a comprehensive understanding of various radar interferometer architectures, Angle of Arrival Estimation Using Radar Interferometry aims to quantify interferometer angle estimation accuracy by developing a general understanding of various radar interferometer architectures and presenting a comprehensive understanding of the effects of radar-based measurement errors on angle-of-arrival estimation. The interferometer architectures described include a basic digital interferometer, a monopulse interferometer, an orthogonal interferometer and signal processing algorithms. By exploring interferometry and beyond, this book offers a unique perspective and an in depth look at the derivation of angle error equations for a radar interferometer as affected not only by additive noise but by other error effects such as multipath, glint, and spectral distortion. As such this book is primarily directed toward tracking radars but will also discuss imaging applications as well.

Inspec keywords: signal processing; antenna arrays; radar interferometry; direction-of-arrival estimation; radar antennas

Other keywords: radar fundamentals; RF interferometry; radar angle-of-arrival estimation; radar waveforms; tropospheric effects; interferometer signal processing; interferometer angle-of-arrival error effects; radar interferometry; probability theory; sparsely populated antenna arrays

Subjects: Antenna arrays; Radar equipment, systems and applications; General electrical engineering topics; Signal processing and detection

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