Synchronized Phasor Measurements for Smart Grids

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image of Synchronized Phasor Measurements for Smart Grids
Editors: D. K. Mohanta 1 ; M. Jaya Bharata Reddy 2
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Publication Year: 2017

The use of advanced technologies has made it possible to transform the power grid to an intelligent smart grid with real time control and monitoring of the system. The development of Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) and the resulting possibility of real time measurements has enabled different power system applications to enhance the stability, state estimation, load estimation, power network protection, Wide-Area Security Assessment and reliability of the power grid. Topics covered in this book include synchrophasors for improving the performance of power systems; optimal reliability criterion index (ORC) for optimal placement of phasor measurement Units (PMU); wide area measurement based power network protection; synchrophasor assisted visualization and protection of power systems; PMU measurements for enhanced power grid monitoring and protection; fault monitoring, detection and correction using synchrophasor measurements in modern power systems; transmission line fault detection, classification and localization in smart power grids; PMU-based vulnerability assessment of power systems; synchrophasor applications for load estimation and stability analysis; state estimation in the presence of synchronized measurement; PMU based wide-area security assessment. Synchronized Phasor Measurements for Smart Grids is essential reading for professional engineers and researchers, as well as graduate and PhD students, in power systems research.

Inspec keywords: power transmission lines; redundancy; power system measurement; power system stability; power system faults; power grids; fault diagnosis; power system security; power system protection; power system state estimation

Other keywords: PMU-based wide-area security assessment; wide-area measurement-based power network protection; power grid monitoring; state estimation; load estimation; transmission line fault detection; optimal redundancy criterion index; stability analysis

Subjects: Power system protection; Reliability; General topics, engineering mathematics and materials science; Power system measurement and metering; Power transmission lines and cables; Power system control

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