VALU, AVX and GPU Acceleration Techniques for Parallel FDTD Methods

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image of VALU, AVX and GPU Acceleration Techniques for Parallel FDTD Methods
Author(s): Wenhua Yu 1 ; Xiaoling Yang ; Wenxing Li 1
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Publication Year: 2013

Development of computer science techniques has significantly enhanced computational electromagnetic methods in recent years. The multi-core CPU computers and multiple CPU work stations are popular today for scientific research and engineering computing. How to achieve the best performance on the existing hardware platforms, however, is a major challenge. In addition to the multi-core computers and multiple CPU workstations, distributed computing has become a primary trend due to the low cost of the hardware and the high performance of network systems. In this book we introduce a general hardware acceleration technique that can significantly speed up FDTD simulations and their applications to engineering problems without requiring any additional hardware devices.

Inspec keywords: electromagnetic waves; finite difference time-domain analysis

Other keywords: frequency ranges; GPU; undergraduate education; acceleration techniques; optical analysis; VALU; electromagnetic phenomena; acoustic analysis; AVX; parallel FDTD methods; closely-related techniques

Subjects: Other numerical methods

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