Portable Biosensors and Point-of-Care Systems

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Editor: Spyridon E. Kintzios 1
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Publication Year: 2017

Portable Biosensors and Point-of-Care Systems describes the principles, design and applications of a new generation of analytical and diagnostic biomedical devices, characterized by their very small size, ease of use, multi-analytical capabilities and speed to provide handheld and mobile point-of-care (POC) diagnostics. The book is divided in four Parts. Part I is an in-depth analysis of the various technologies upon which portable diagnostic devices and biosensors are built. In Part II, advances in the design and optimization of special components of biosensor systems and handheld devices are presented. In Part III, a wide scope of applications of portable biosensors and handheld POC devices is described, ranging from the support of primary healthcare to food and environmental safety screening. Diverse topics are covered, including counterterrorism, travel medicine and drug development. Finally, Part IV of the book is dedicated to the presentation of commercially available products including a review of the products of point-of-care in-vitro-diagnostics companies, a review of technologies which have achieved a high Technology Readiness Level, and a special market case study of POC infusion systems combined with intelligent patient monitoring. This book is essential reading for researchers and experts in the healthcare diagnostic and analytical sector, and for electronics and material engineers working on portable sensors.

Inspec keywords: proteins; cellular biophysics; portable instruments; nanomedicine; molecular biophysics; patient diagnosis; biosensors; optical sensors; patient monitoring; nanosensors; veterinary medicine; electrochemical sensors; biomedical equipment

Other keywords: point-of-care diagnostics; marine security monitoring; portable optical detectors; airport security monitoring; intelligent patient monitoring; point-of-care infusion management; nanosensors; defence applications; biowarfare detection; veterinary science; monolithically integrated optoelectronic biosensors; handheld cell-based biosensors; paper-based diagnostic devices; point-of-care electrochemical sensors; travel security monitoring; antibody detection; portable magnetoelastic biosensors

Subjects: General electrical engineering topics; Biomedical measurement and imaging; Cellular biophysics; Chemical sensors; Molecular biophysics; Bench and portable instruments; Optical instruments and techniques; Sensing devices and transducers; Nanotechnology applications in biomedicine; Biomedical engineering; Textbooks

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