Nanobiosensors for Personalized and Onsite Biomedical Diagnosis

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image of Nanobiosensors for Personalized and Onsite Biomedical Diagnosis
Editor: Pranjal Chandra 1
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Publication Year: 2016

Nanobiosensors have been successful for in vitro as well as in vivo detection of several biomolecules and it is expected that this technology will revolutionize point-of-care and personalized diagnostics, and will be extremely applicable for early disease detection and therapeutic applications. This book describes the emerging nanobiosensor technologies which are geared towards onsite clinical applications and those which can be used as a personalised diagnostic device. Biosensor technologies and materials covered include electrochemical biosensors; implantable microbiosensors; microfluidic technology; surface plasmon resonance-based technologies; optical and fibre-optic sensors; lateral flow biosensors; lab on a chip; nanomaterials based (graphene, nanoparticles, nanocomposites, and other carbon nanomaterial) sensors; metallic nanobiosensors; wearable and doppler-based non-contact vital signs biosensors; and technologies for smartphone based disease diagnosis. Clinical applications of these technologies covered in this book include detection of various protein biomarkers, small molecules, cancer and bacterial cells; detection of foodborne pathogens; generation and optimisation of antibodies for biosensor applications; microRNAs and their applications in diagnosis for osteoarthritis; detection of circulating tumor cells; online heartbeat monitoring; analysis of drugs in body fluids; sensing of nucleic acids; and monitoring oxidative stress.

Inspec keywords: microorganisms; nanosensors; health care; bioMEMS; patient diagnosis; patient monitoring; nanocomposites; electrochemical sensors; cancer; lab-on-a-chip; tumours; nanoparticles; microfluidics; telemedicine; cellular biophysics; proteins; nanomedicine; microsensors; molecular biophysics; bioelectric potentials; graphene; surface plasmon resonance; smart phones; body sensor networks; biosensors; fibre optic sensors; RNA

Other keywords: osteoarthritis diagnosis; lateral flow biosensors; C; surface plasmon resonance-based technologies; body fluids; lab-on-a-chip; drug analysis; wearable-based noncontact vital signs biosensors; onsite biomedical diagnosis; protein biomarker detection; electrochemical biosensors; personalised diagnostic device; microfluidic technology; bacterial cell detection; online heartbeat monitoring; nanoparticles; oxidative stress monitonng; doppler-based noncontact vital signs biosensors; circulating tumor cell detection; nanobiosensor technologies; carbon nanomaterial; smartphone based disease diagnosis; fibre-optic sensors; graphene; nanocomposites; implantable microbiosensors; foodbome pathogen detection; microRNA; cancer detection; nucleic acid sensing

Subjects: Wireless sensor networks; Biosensors; Molecular biophysics; Microsensors and nanosensors; Mobile radio systems; Electrical activity in neurophysiological processes; Biomedical measurement and imaging; Cellular biophysics; Nanotechnology applications in biomedicine; Applied fluid mechanics; Chemical sensors; Biomedical communication; Biosensors; Patient diagnostic methods and instrumentation; Micromechanical and nanomechanical devices and systems; MEMS and NEMS device technology; Chemical sensors; Electrochemical analytical methods

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