Analysis of Metallic Antennas and Scatterers

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image of Analysis of Metallic Antennas and Scatterers
Author(s): B. D. Popović  and  B. M Kolundźija
Publication Year: 1994

Most antennas are assembled from conducting surfaces and wires. The usual approach to numerical analysis of such structures is to approximate them by small surface or wire elements, with simple current approximation over the elements (the so-called subdomain approach), which requires a large amount of computer storage. This book describes a novel general entire-domain method for the analysis of metallic antennas and scatterers which enables the solution of a very wide class of problems to be obtained using computers of relatively modest capability. Antenna-design engineers, scientists and graduate students interested in the analysis and design of electrically small and medium-sized metallic antennas and scatterers will find in this book a self-contained and extremely powerful tool that circumvents most difficulties encountered in other available methods.

Inspec keywords: numerical analysis; antennas; electromagnetic wave scattering; wires (electric)

Other keywords: metallic antenna analysis; scatterer analysis; conducting surfaces; numerical analysis; wire elements; subdomain approach; general entire-domain method; electrically small-and-medium-sized metallic antennas; current approximation; computer storage

Subjects: Single antennas; Wires and cables; Antenna theory; Other topics in statistics; Electromagnetic wave propagation

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