Process Technology for Silicon Carbide Devices

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Editor: Carl-Mikael Zetterling 1
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Publication Year: 2002

This book explains why SiC is so useful in electronics, gives clear guidance on the various processing steps (growth, doping, etching, contact formation, dielectrics etc) and describes how these are integrated in device manufacture. The book should serve as an advanced tutorial and reference for those involved in applying the very latest technology emerging from university and commercial laboratories around the world.

Inspec keywords: power semiconductor devices; ion implantation; silicon compounds; micromechanical devices; dielectric materials; etching; Schottky barriers; semiconductor devices; diffusion; wide band gap semiconductors; ohmic contacts; epitaxial growth

Other keywords: SiC; ohmic contacts; high-frequency devices; high-temperature devices; silicon carbide devices; on-resistance; process technology; epitaxial growth; high-voltage blocking; optical devices; ion implantation; thermally grown dielectrics; MEMS; SiC devices; Schottky contacts; etching; diffusion; high-voltage devices

Subjects: Semiconductor technology; Semiconductor devices; Semiconductor-metal interfaces; Piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials; Other semiconductor materials; Surface treatment (semiconductor technology); Thin film growth and epitaxy

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